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Lilac 'Beauty of Moscow'

Lilacs are a popular addition to English gardens, much sought after for their spring colour and fragrance, but the singleflowered varieties can sometimes lack impact. For a true celebration of spring you need a double-flowered variety, with panicles of jewel-like florets, for morMore Info


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Lilac 'Palibin'

Here is a Lilac suitable for the smallest garden! Syringa 'Palibin' is bushy and compact and can even be grown in a pot on the patio. From late spring, this lovely Lilac is covered in masses of tiny mauve flowers which have the most delicious scent, so if possible it should be plMore Info

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Lilac 'Palibin' (Standard)

* New in 2015Dwarf Lilac are like a dream come true; compact, bushy plants, smothered in tiny perfumed flowers from late Spring. Syringa 'Palibin' stays small and neat, making it perfect for patio pots and small gardens. The abundance of perfumed spring flowers is astounding. PosMore Info

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Lilac 'Charles Joly'

Awarded an RHS AGM, Lilac 'Charles Joly' will bring colour and a rich heady fragrance to your garden. Densely packed clusters of deep purple, double flowers are borne at the stem tips from May to June. Height and spread: 7m (22?).More Info


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Lilac Lucky Dip

Try our Lilac 'Lucky Dip' for a great way of adding colour and fragrance to the garden at a fraction of the normal price. These superb quality deciduous shrubs are a cottage garden essential. their fragrant blooms are loved by pollinating insects and make great cut flowers for eaMore Info

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Hibiscus syriacus 'Azurri'

If you ever needed confirmation that last is most definitely not least, then this is it. Hibiscus syriacus 'Belli Colori Azurri' is late to flower, for its blooms don't appear until August. However, the hardy shrub's jaw-dropping flowers with their lilac petals and blood red detaMore Info

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Pansy 'Silver Wings'

A tremendous colour combination. An excellent container and bedding pansy for early spring or autumn. Height: 15-23cm (6-9in).More Info


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Tradescantia (Andersoniana Group) 'Mixed Colours'

Quick forming clumps of fleshy sword-like foliage and a succession of clustered blue, lilac and mauve flowers. Very hardy and trouble-free in the borderMore Info


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Allium 'Purple Sensation'

One of the best and most majestic Alliums for your late-spring garden, 'Purple Sensation' is a sun-loving, drought-tolerant variety producing spectacular lilac-purple flowers up to 15cm (6in) in diameter. Be sure to plant among other perennials that also have good structure. HeigMore Info

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Lilac 'Superba'

The sweetly scented blooms of Lilac 'Superba' begin as deep pink buds, before opening into soft pink clusters of tubular flowers, and smothering this lovely bush in late spring colour. Syringa subsp. microphylla 'Superba' is one of the more compact varieties of Lilac, so as wellMore Info

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Hosta 'Purple Sensation'

Very decorative plantain lily with spectacularly attractive lilac-purple flowers from July to September with a delightful fragrance.More Info

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Callicarpa kwangtungensis

Callicarpa kwangtungensis produces clumps of soft pink flowers from July onwards, followed in autumn by glistening purple berries. Throughout the growing season the leaves are flushed with an attractive plum hue that matures to pinks and orange for an intense autumn display. ThisMore Info

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Buddleja davidii 'Wisteria Lane'

Long, deep lilac flower spikes hangdown with an unusual weeping habit, reminiscent of wisteria. This striking freestanding shrub is relatively compact, enhancing the back of a sunny border as well as a large container on the terrace. Wherever you plant it, 'Wisteria Lane' will beMore Info

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Buddleja alternifolia 'Unique'

A new variety that has many of the best buddleja attributes combined into one unique plant. Compact, bushy and extremely long-flowering, this striking butterfly bush will provide nectar for visiting insects, but the flowers are sterile and don't produce pollen, so this buddleja wMore Info


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Pleione 'Vivaldi'

Easy to grow orchids. Suited to shallow containers or rockeries. Will multiply over time. Bulb size 8/9More Info


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Dianthus 'Odessa Red'

Beautiful, scented lilac-blue flowers drape from the branches of this special cottage garden climber, filling the air with a sweet perfume. Wisteria sinensis 'Prolific' is well named for its free-flowering habit, producing masses of lilac-mauve flowers which the bees love! A littMore Info

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Lilac 'Katherine Havemeyer'

Making a glorious show of late spring colour, this beautiful Lilac has lavender-blue flowers and heart-shaped foliage. The colourful blooms of Syringa 'Katherine Havermeyer' are rich in nectar and attract butterflies to the garden. This is a fast growing variety which quickly groMore Info


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Clematis 'Mrs Spencer Castle'

This beautiful Clematis was created by pioneering Clematis breeders, the Jackman family in 1913, the year before the horrors of WW1 began.�Clematis 'Mrs Spencer Castle' has large frilly flowers which bloom twice a year. In early summer, semi double, pink-mauve flowers appear whicMore Info

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Armeria 'Mixed'

Easy to grow, and flowering over a very long period.More Info


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Zinnia elegans 'Zinderella Peach'

Zinderella Zinnias are real eyecatchers! 'Zinderella Peach' produce orange blooms with cream and rose detailing and a strong central crest. Add height and interest to the middle of your garden borders by planting this variety to create an orderly tiered display of blooms right thMore Info


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