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'Male Cucumber Flowers'

Thompson & Morgan | Facebook Question and Answer Session 6th September 2013

…habit of producing flushes of male flowers and no female flowers, particularly when they're first planted out. The female flowers will have a tiny baby cucumber beneath, at their base (probably round in this case) while males just have a plain stem. If your cucumbers are growing in a greenhouse,…

How to Grow Cucumbers

…the male flowers from greenhouse cucumbers. Female cucumber flowers can be identified by a swollen bulge between the bottom of the flower and the flower stem that looks like a tiny cucumber. Male flowers just have a plain stalk so you can easily tell them apart. Outdoor cucumbers * Cucumbers growing…

Thompson & Morgan Facebook Question and Answer Session 10th June 2011

flowers?? I've had a look on the packet but it doesn't mention anything about the male flowers. many thanks. Answer: Hi Rachel. Cucumber ‘Long White’ is an outdoor/ridge cucumber variety with both male and female flowers and will need both in order to set fruit. If you put your cucumber

Thompson & Morgan | Facebook Question and Answer Session 26th July 2013

cucumber such as 'Tiffany' which doesn't need pollinating to set fruit. Take care when growing all-female varieties; if their flowers become pollinated by a male flower the fruits will be bitter. Outdoor and greenhouse varieties are best grown well apart. Our article on 'How to grow cucumbers' has…

Cucumbers - An expert viewpoint

…Apple' which produces pale, creamy-green, golf ball sized fruits. However it is important to note that these are all 'mixed flower' varieties and that removing any male flowers from the plants will result in no fruits being formed. Growing and harvesting 'All female' varieties can be very expensive…

Growing salad crops from seed

…varieties can be allowed to fruit only on the main stem with the side shoots removed along with any male flowers that might appear. Outdoor cucumber seeds are started off the same as the indoor cucumbers but timed so that the plants are ready for hardening off and transplanting in late spring.…

How To Grow Courgettes

…they start to flower. Courgette flowers are insect pollinated. In a cold season when there might be a lack of natural pollinators, or if fruits are just failing to develop, setting can be improved with hand pollination. Pick a male flower (one with no immature fruit behind the flower), pull away the…