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'Plum Tree Self Fertile'

Pluot 'Purple Candy'®

The perfect partner to Aprium Cot 'n' Candy, this cross is 2/3 plum and 1/3 apricot! With the fragrant taste of an apricot and the juicyness of a plum, fruits are as large as a peach and deliciously flavoursomeMore Info


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Plum 'Victoria'

Britain's best known plum and undoubtedly the nation's favourite. This reliable British bred garden variety produces heavy crops of egg shaped, medium sized fruits that are ideal for both culinary and dessert use. 'Victoria' Plums make delicious pies and jams, or simply eat themMore Info

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Plum 'Black Amber' (Mini Fruit Tree)

Plum 'Black Amber' is a heavy bearing variety, producing an abundance of rounded, firm, purple fruits with a delightful juicy texture. Their complex, sweet flavour is superb when eaten straight from the tree. Grafted onto a semi-dwarfing rootstock, Plum 'Black Amber' makes a compMore Info


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Greengage Reine Claude

The original greengage plum producing good yields of attractive, deliciously sweet-flavoured, yellow-green fruits. Trees crop regularly producing good sized fruit that is ready to harvest in August. Grafted onto a semi-dwarfing rootstock, to produce a compact, productive tree. GrMore Info


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Plum 'Opal'

Plum 'Opal' is one of the most reliable garden varieties, and is suitable for growing throughout the country. Slightly earlier to crop than 'Victoria', this dessert plum produces a heavy crop of excellent quality, small, yellow skinned fruits with an attractive red flush in JulyMore Info


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Plum 'Marjorie's Seedling'

This traditional British favourite on the latest dwarf rootstock is ideal for small gardens and large container growing. This self-fertile variety needs no pollinator to produce a crop of sweet tasty plums - up to two weeks later than traditional favourite Plum Victoria. We thinkMore Info


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Plum 'Seneca'

The largest plum we have ever seen! Plum 'Seneca' produces red skinned fruits with a free stone that falls easily away from the delicious bright yellow-orange flesh. This delicious dessert plum is perfect for extending the season when planted with earlier fruiting varieties, as tMore Info


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Plum 'Mirabelle de Nancy'

A taste of honey! Plum 'Mirabelle de Nancy' is a vigorous, upright variety producing heavy crops of classic, yellow, small French plums from September. The incredibly sweet, stone free fruits ripen from white to honey yellow and are excellent eaten fresh or cooked. Grafted onto aMore Info


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Damson Plum 'Merryweather'

A medium sized Damson plum with good resistance to silver leaf disease. Damson 'Merryweather' produces heavy crops of large, yellow fleshed fruits for picking in late August. The blue skinned plums have a juicy, acidic flavour which is ideal for making delicious flavoured preservMore Info


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Plum 'Victoria' & 'Greengage' Collection

This classic collection will produce heavy yields of delicious plums from late August. Grafted onto semi-dwarfing rootstocks, they will form compact, productive trees. Although these varieties are partially self fertile, when planted together they will aid pollination and increasMore Info


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Plum 'Thames Cross'

Similar in flavour to the much loved Victoria plum, boost your yields with the larger fruiting Thames Cross. The pale fruits crop very easily no matter the weather and look attractive both on the tree and in the fruit bowl.More Info


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