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'Pruning Raspberries'

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Thompson & Morgan Facebook Question and Answer Session 2nd November 2012

Horticultural questions and answers 2nd November 2013 - topics include: Perennials from seed, Overwintering pelargoniums, Treating scale insect, Pruning raspberries, Pruning Ivy

Facebook questions Jan 7th

Horticultural questions and answers 7th January - topics include: planting new beds, Downy Mildew on busy lizzies, planting and growing wisteria, growing autumn planted garlic, pruning autumn fruiting raspberries.

Raspberries | Pruning | Gardening Information | Thompson & Morgan

This page provides advice on how to prune raspberries and when you should prune your autumn fruiting raspberries. You need to treat the summer ones slightly differently to the autumn ones. Prune all of your autumn fruiting raspberry canes to ground level...

How To Grow Raspberries | Thompson & Morgan

Raspberries are easy to grow; you can even grow raspberries in containers! Read our simple guide for advice on planting and pruning raspberries in your garden.

How to Prune Raspberries Video | Thompson & Morgan

Learn how to grow your own raspberries in this video.

Thompson & Morgan Facebook Question and Answer Session 24th August 2012

Horticultural questions and answers 24th August 2012 - Topics include: Slug-proof plants, Organic weed control, Overwintering strawberries, Pruning raspberries, Overwintering climbing fuchsias.

Thompson & Morgan Facebook Question and Answer Session 4th February 2011

Horticultural questions and answers 4th February - Topics include: Dividing grasses, Underplanting woodland trees, Pruning passion flowers, Using soot in the garden, Growing raspberries in containers, Propagating Polianthes tuberosa

Thompson & Morgan Facebook Question and Answer Session 18th October 2013

…questions and answers 18th October 2013 - topics include: Clearing a new allotment, raspberry canes overgrown with weeds, planting potatoes in October, bindweed control, egg yolk fertiliser, broad bean rust, broad bean chocolate spot, when to prune honeysuckle, scorched sweet pea seedlings.