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'Red Cyclamen'

Thompson & Morgan Facebook Question and Answer Session 24th January 2014

…tend to be planted deeper than the indoor ones. The cyclamen that you see growing outdoors are generally Cyclamen coum or C. hederifolium, while the indoor ones are the florists varieties of Cyclamen persicum. Take a look at these hardy Cyclamen. They produce small flowers in shades of pink and…

Top 10 Winter Bedding Plants

red or white. For a really eye-catching variety try Bellis 'Pomponette' which has white flowers with pink petal tips. Ideal for massing in beds, borders, containers and window boxes, Bellis plants will keep on flowering right through the spring, representing excellent value for money. 10. Cyclamen

Effect of Light on Germination and Seedlings

…a plant pigment called phytochrome within the seed. This relates to the type of light which the seed receives. As a generalisation, light in the red wave length usually promotes germination whereas blue light inhibits it. In a practical vein the light requirements of a seed may relate to the habitat…

Pests & Diseases | How to Prevent and Control Pests & Diseases

…plums and why are there maggots in them? Rabbits - How do I stop rabbits from digging in my garden? Scale Insects - How do I kill scale insects on cyclamen plants? - What are the small white 'blobs' on the underside of some of the leaves of my cherry tree? and how do I get rid of them? - Why are all…