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Cabbage 'Savoy King' F1 Hybrid (Summer/Autumn Savoy)

Outpaces and out yields all other Savoys. Savoy Cabbage King can produce a crop almost every season of the year, so you don't need to wait for winter to experience that delicious Savoy flavourMore Info


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Cabbage 'Siberia' F1 Hybrid (Winter Savoy)

Whilst inspecting our trials we discovered this highly frost tolerant variety, which withstood all types of weather. The large, dark blue-green savoy leaves will not discolour by frost. Because of the long standing ability of Savoy Cabbage Siberia, you will be able to enjoy the dMore Info


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Cabbage 'Tourmaline' (Winter Savoy)

Cut Tourmaline throughout the winter and into spring thanks to its excellent cold weather tolerance. Replacing the ever-popular but now discontinued Tarvoy, this attractive, deeply savoyed, dark green cabbage produces compact, delicious heads. Plants also show a high resistance tMore Info


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Cabbage savoy 'All Season Collection'

With our three winter-proof Savoy cabbages you are guaranteed a supply of fresh heads for a full seven months of the year, no matter the weather. This collection comprises: Cabbage 'Noelle F1' Cabbage 'Tourmaline F1' Cabbage 'Tundra F1'More Info


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Cabbage 'Tundra' F1 Hybrid (Winter Savoy)

This RHS AGM variety produces solid, sweet, crisp heads that are ideal for winter salads. Winter Savoy Cabbage 'Tundra' is high yielding and particularly hardy, so it can be harvested right through the winter. Cabbages are easy to grow being perfectly suited to the British climatMore Info


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Kale 'Nero di Toscana'

The fully grown plants of Kale Nero di Toscana have attractive dark green, deeply savoyed, strap-like leaves with traditional winter hardiness, making this a useful winter to spring vegetable at a time when fresh garden produce is scarce. Kale Nero di Toscana can also be grown asMore Info


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Spinach 'America'

High yield of tender and well-flavoured dark green, blistered, savoyed leaves from successional spring and summer sowings to give a longer cropping period. Stands well without bolting during hot weather if kept well watered. Ideal for freezingMore Info


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Swiss Chard 'Fordhook Giant'

Enjoy this versatile and increasingly popular vegetable as salad leaves when young, or when more mature, the nutritious leaves can be steamed and used like spinach. The broad, white stems can be chopped and cooked like celery or used to add crunch to salads and stir fries. HarvesMore Info


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Spinach 'Picasso' F1 Hybrid

Spinacia oleracea. Dark green, semi-savoy-leaved variety producing plenty of 'baby leaves'. Spinach Picasso is slow to bolt (run to seed). Perfect in containers. Can be grown all year indoors for 'baby leaves'More Info


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