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Vegan-friendly, premium, reduced-peat, multi-purpose compost. Promotes strong flower, foliage and root growth. Reduces watering. Free incredibloom® pack with every bag. New incredicompost® combines the benefits of a professionalgrade compost and the…  More Info

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Now you can enjoy all the benefits of our acclaimed incredicompost® in a peat free mix! incredipeatfree is the perfect compost for growing on your seedlings and plug plants, as well as planting up containers with your favourite patio plants  More Info


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Say goodbye to back-breaking bags of bulky compost. Mix this innovative coir block with water to make up the equivalent of a 10 litre bag of peat-free compost, that?s ready to use in just 10 minutes!  More Info

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Incredicrop® Grow Bag

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Now our vegan-friendly, professional grade incredicompost® is available in a grow bag to make growing your own vegetables even easier! Each Incredicrop® Grow Bag combines our own unique blend of incredicompost® and incredicrop® fertiliser to give your vegetable plants…  More Info

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Grow Media Vermiculite

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Improve seed germination with this naturally occurring, non-toxic mineral. Vermiculite absorbs water and nutrients, releasing them back into the soil as the seedling roots require it.  More Info


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Chempak® Seed Base with Soluwet Wetting Agent

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INEXPENSIVE AND EASY WAY TO CONVERT PEAT INTO SEED AND CUTTING COMPOSTChempak Seed Base is a reliable method for converting peat into seed and cutting compost which is ideal for sowing seeds, striking cuttings and for the first potting up of seedlings. Use…  More Info


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Garden Gear 1400W Electric Tiller

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Prepare the soil ready for gardening this season with this powerful 1400W electric tiller and cultivator by Garden Gear. Great for digging holes, levelling ground, clearing weeds, working in fertiliser and preparing furrows for sowing.  More Info


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