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Fungal Disease | Pests and Diseases

This page provides advice on fungal disease in your garden. Often fungal spores spread under quite specific conditions e.g. wet and warm or cool and dry.

Leaf Spot Disease | Leaf Spot Control | Pests and Diseases | Gardening Information

This page provides advice on how to reduce the spread of leadf spot in your garden. It sounds as though they are suffering from a fungal disease. Fungal leaf spot infections tend to develop in humid, moist conditions and the spores are easily spread by wind and splashes of water...

Leek Rust | Pests and Diseases | Gardening Information

…on your leeks in your garden. Rust is a very common fungal problem on leeks causing orange streaks on the foliage with raised pustules containing spores that are easily dispersed on the air. In very severe cases rust can even cause the leaves to yellow and wither, dying back prematurely and stunting…

Pear Rust | Pests and Diseases | Gardening Information

This page provides advice on why your pear tree has rust spots on it. It sounds like you may have European Pear Rust, a fungal infection. It's best if you can remove the affected leaves and destroy them to prevent the spores spreading...

Silver Leaf Fungus | Pests and Diseases | Gardening Information

…provides advice on silver leaf fungus and how to control it in your garden. Cherries are particularly prone to Silver Leaf which is caused by fungal spores entering wounds along the stems, such as those caused during pruning. The leaves take on a silvery appearance and may turn brown at the tips...

How to Stop Blight

…can destroy a tomato or potato crop in as little as 10 days. However the causal pathogen is the same. This destructive fungal disease is caused by spores of Phytophthora infestans which are spread on the wind and may also contaminate potato tubers in the soil. The severity of this disease was seen…