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How To Grow Sweet Peas | Thompson & Morgan

Sweet Peas are a cottage garden classic producing beautiful blooms with the most gorgeous scent.  You can train them onto a plant support to create a really impressive column of fragrant, summer colour, and they make excellent cut flowers.

Sweet Peas Autumn Sown | Seeds | Plants | Thompson & Morgan

For the very finest sweet pea blooms for cut flowers and exhibiting we are always recommended to sow in the autumn. Bernard Jones explains why and describes the ideal technique.

Sowing & Germinating Sweet Peas | Thompson & Morgan

…germinating of a sweet pea is similar to any other dormant seed, it needs moisture and warmth to stir it into life, it then goes on to form a seedling followed by a fully grown plant which will eventually flower. The average gardener will probably sow a packet of mixed sweet peas containing possibly…

Thompson & Morgan Facebook Question & Answer session 27th July 2012

horticultural questions and answers 27th July 2012 - Topics include: Pyracantha fruiting in summer, Mildew on sweet peas, What size to plant out perennials, Melon plants dying back, Making hydrangea flowers blue

Thompson & Morgan Facebook Question and Answer Session 18th October 2013

…questions and answers 18th October 2013 - topics include: Clearing a new allotment, raspberry canes overgrown with weeds, planting potatoes in October, bindweed control, egg yolk fertiliser, broad bean rust, broad bean chocolate spot, when to prune honeysuckle, scorched sweet pea seedlings.


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