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'Tall Plants For Pots'

Tree Lily® Collection

Tree lilies� are the breathtaking result of years of painstaking breeding; these incredible varieties of oriental lily can grow as tall as 2.5m (8ft) in as little as two years. One single Tree Lily� bulb can produce up to thirty 20cm (8) trumpet blooms and will take on a shrub-liMore Info

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Blechnum brasiliense 'Volcano'

Dicksonia tree ferns too large or expensive for your garden? We've found the answer - try the dwarf Brazilian tree fern instead! An exciting new find for the home gardener, only recently introduced to the UK, but surely set to be the next big thing! Compact plants lend themselvesMore Info

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Cosmos bipinnatus 'Sensation Mixed'

A superb tall and easy annual with strong colours ranging from white to carmine. Excellent for cutting and make very attractive pot plants for summer flowering in a cold greenhouse. Flowers summer to autumn. Height 36-48inMore Info

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Marigold 'Pots of Gold'

Exclusive mix of tall, single-flowered French marigolds in an exciting new blend of three fiery colours, including a fabulous new red. The uniform height of the flowers makes them ideal as cut flowers.More Info


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Nerine bowdenii 'Pink'

A classic border plant that can be seen up and down the UK during October; a time of year when most other plants are fading.More Info

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Dianthus 'Odessa Easy Pink'

Made partly from recycled materials and requiring only 10% of the energy used to make comparable ceramic or plastic pots, Orford pots are eco-friendly as well as enormously attractive. You can also purchase the full collection which consists of Oone of each Oxford Hanley Orford SMore Info

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Lily 'Romance'

You can't go wrong with this stunning new patio lily. Some Oriental Lilies are too tall for patio pots; so need staking and support, not with the Romance Series, the stems are short, stout, yet still long enough for cutting if you prefer. This new series offers a wide colour rangMore Info

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Buddleja 'Buzz® Indigo'

Exclusive release of a brand new colour from our dwarf, patio buddleja range that's taking the gardening world by storm! Dusky, deep blue flowers flourish on short, bushy plants that never grow more than 4 feet tall.More Info

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Citrus Tree Collection

Savour the taste of home grown citrus fruits! Oranges, lemons and limes take up to a year to develop, but are well worth the wait. Glossy evergreen foliage and clusters of fragrant waxy blossom in spring make citrus trees ideal feature plants for conservatories and patios. HardyMore Info

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Arundo donax 'Variegata'

Arundo donax 'Variegata' is a half-hardy perennial grass with variegated, green foliage and wide, pale margins. The Giant Reed's exotic, upright stems stretch to an impressive 1.8m (5'11) when fully grown, making it a dramatic addition to patio containers, well-watered pot plantsMore Info

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Festuca glauca 'Elijah Blue'

Festuca glauca Elijah Blue is an easy-to-grow evergreen plant, perfect for patio pots, borders and rockeries. Its grassy leaves are an unusual shade of cobalt blue, and an architectural appearance makes this variety a good choice when designing a garden. Its tufted clumps stay coMore Info

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Sunflower 'Solar Flash' F1 Hybrid

Early-flowering, dwarf and bushy, this eye-catching sunflower boasts a distinctive bronze 'halo' and chocolatecoloured, pollen-free centre. Looks impressive in a patio pot, or can be grown as an attractive and unusual annual hedgeMore Info


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Hosta sieboldiana var. elegans

A bold Hosta with large, shimmering blue-grey leaves which form eye-catching clumps. White bell-shaped flowers with a hint of lilac emerge in mid summer on tall slender stems. The corrugated, slightly cup-shaped leaves of Hosta sieboldiana var. elegans are a wonderful contrast toMore Info

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Amerine 'BellaDiva Mixed'

Originally bred for florists and floral designers, you can now grow your own striking sprays of these lily-like flowers. This unique hybrid of Amaryllis Belladonna and Nerine bowdenii brings the best of both species into one plant, producing large flowers on tall stems which lastMore Info

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Foxglove 'Knee High Mixed'

The bedding foxglove - it's a completely new innovation! Short plants, never more than a foot tall, and with an impressive amount of side branches, are now available in 3 great new colours. 'Knee High' is also great for patio pots ? another place you wouldn?t have imagined plantiMore Info


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Perennial Summer Sun Collection

We?ve carefully selected our Perennial Summer Sun Collection to add some sizzle to your planting schemes this summer. Tall primrose-yellow Lupins and golden Achillea combine beautifully with the long lasting, daisy-like blooms of Echinacea. These hardy perennials are perfect forMore Info


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Aster 'Ann Leys'

New to the gardener, this florist's favourite is a highly sought after cut flower across Europe. For home gardeners it is invaluable as a late season perennial, flowering right through September and October on stems up to 70cm tall. you'll find it hard to leave any on the plant wMore Info

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Perennial Red Hot Collection

A blaze of red and gold are brought together in one scorching collection that will ignite your borders with colour this summer. The tall swaying stems of Achillea blend beautifully with the distinctive cones of Echinacea. Throw in the low, spreading habit of Potentilla, and you hMore Info


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Perennial Hot Summer Colour Collection

Turn up the heat in your summer borders with our Perennial Hot Summer Colour Collection. These hardy perennials are carefully selected for their sizzling colours and long flowering periods. These varieties complement each other perfectly, and blend effortlessly into established bMore Info

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